Welcome to Team Electric

In 2010 we made a film… about a comic. In the movie a bunch of nefarious characters chase up and down Edinburgh, Scotland in pursuit of an entirely fictional comic – Electric Man #1. Why? Because we didn’t have the ability to negotiate the rights for some of the more well known superheroes. So we made up Electric Man.

And Electric Man took on a life of his own. Our friends in the comics industry just started drawing their versions of this new/old superhero and because we love him just as much we decided to create Electric Man the comic.

Alas, we are merely film makers, so we are asking for help. This is more work than we could ever complete in a lifetime and we are hoping the comics community will pitch in – by writing and drawing Electric Man stories; Which we will print if we can. Have a look around, check out some of the story threads that the writers are putting forward. Maybe you’d like to write one yourself? If not, if you don’t fancy yourself as an artist or a writer, maybe you’d like to help us by checking out our Indiegogo page and pre-ordering a copy? It all helps.

Thanks for coming around, we hope you stay and help create the legend.

Download the

Electric Man Indiegogo Comic Book

And get started!